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Monday Night Meals Outreach at HEARTH

While Mondays are typically considered the worst day of the week, they are something to look forward to at HEARTH. Our Monday Night Meal program provides a community, good food, and more for those who rely on HEARTH’s support. 

Volunteer Christine O’Neil perfectly summarizes the importance of the Monday Night Meals at HEARTH:

This is an important outreach for women and their children who have nowhere safe to go when they become victims of domestic violence. I like knowing that we can help provide food, clothing and other necessities to those in great need.

Families who participate in our Monday Night Meals gather for dinner every Monday night and participate in workshops, skill-building sessions, and wellness activities. These meals foster connection, community, and growth. 

You can hear the conversations and children’s giggles coming from HEARTH’s family room as they gather. All of the meals are provided by volunteers and range from meals cooked in HEARTH’s kitchens to frozen dinners or sandwiches. Sometimes, it’s delivered to our doors by volunteers who cook at home, and sometimes it’s pizza, Chinese food, or local takeout. No matter what the menu, the sense of community is the same.

During these gatherings HEARTH organizes a variety of activities for families to enjoy as well. Examples of activities we have hosted are:

  • Group therapy 
  • Children’s therapy 
  • Birthday parties (hosted with the help of Beverly’s Birthdays)
  • Seasonal activities such as Trunk or Treat, as well as Christmas decorating and crafting
  • Back to School Nights

Our volunteers also enjoy the Monday Night Meal program. Reagan Mickey, a Monday Night childcare volunteer and member of HEARTH’s Young Professionals Board (YPB), says: 

Monday night childcare volunteering…I would best describe as joy and laughter. Not only is this an opportunity to support mothers and kids that have experienced some incredibly hard things, but it is also an opportunity to have fun on a Monday! What keeps me coming back are the kids- the ones that ask you, “When are you coming back?” Or they say, “I missed you” the next time they see you. Little do they know they are making a much bigger impact on me than I am making on them.

If you would like to volunteer for Monday Night Meals by providing a meal, contact us via our online volunteer form or call 412-366-9801.