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Join the Fight To Eradicate Homelessness

For more than 26 years, HEARTH has been dedicated to ensuring that homeless families with children in our community receive safe affordable housing supportive services and basic necessities that many of us take for granted.

How does my giving help?

We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. Your donation will make it that much easier to get things done.

Ways to Give

Are you looking to make your donation reach further? Consider becoming a ‘Safe Place Partner’ and give monthly to families in need. 

What is a Safe Place Partner? Giving monthly means you build a consistent partnership with HEARTH and our families. You are committed to creating a safe place for mothers and their children each and every month! Giving monthly allows you to make a greater impact over the course of time for multiple families living at HEARTH.

Why become a Safe Place Partner? Now more than ever, nonprofit organizations need people like YOU to support their mission. By becoming a ‘Safe Place Partner’, you are guaranteeing HEARTH a donation every month. This provides HEARTH with a promise; just like the promise HEARTH gives to provide supportive services and a safe home where families can begin to rebuild their lives and thrive!

Support our life changing mission of empowering women with children by remembering the life of a loved one.

From birthdays to Mother’s Day, there are many occasions to celebrate someone special in your life while supporting the moms of HEARTH.

Include us in your will, trust, life insurance or retirement which will make a lasting impact. HEARTH offers a variety of easy and effective ways for you to make a planned gift that will help change the lives and futures of the women and children we serve.

Have you asked your employer if they will match your charitable contributions? With more companies becoming involved in their communities your gift may increase! 

Many organizations are now matching their employees charitable giving through their own programs or the United Way! HEARTH is grateful to the companies working to give back to their communities through the passions of their employees.

If your organization gives through the United Way, our reference number is UWCC # – 3384.

In addition to workplace matching there are other ways you and your company can give back to HEARTH:

  • Work Fundraisers -Host a Jeans day, bake sale, or Chili cook-off. These are fun and Interactive ways to engage your workplace.
  • Employee Volunteering – Participate in a scheduled volunteer day and help us paint, garden, and more!
  • Sponsor a Signature HEARTH Event.
  • Host a food, book, or hygiene items drive for HEARTH.

Check out our ‘HEARTH’s Wish List’ at

These lists consist of HEARTH’s in kind needs in real time.


Fundraising for HEARTH can be as simple as asking friends and family to support your efforts or as complex as a community event with thousands of people. Start your fundraiser today! 

A qualified charitable distribution (QCD) is a tax-free donation from an individual retirement account (IRA) to an eligible charity. This option is available to IRA owners who are 70½ years or older.

  • The maximum amount that can be transferred to charity tax-free each year is $100,000.

  • The QCD can be made electronically, directly to the charity, or by check payable to the charity.

  • The distribution becomes tax-free as long as it’s paid directly from the IRA to an eligible charitable organization.

  • ·QCDs can be used to satisfy all or part of the required minimum distributions (RMDs) for the year.

  • QCDs are not deductible as charitable contributions on Schedule A, however, the donor must get a written acknowledgment of their contribution from the charitable organization before filing their return.

Our team is ready to assist your giving. Please follow our wire transfer instructions. We will provide all QCD transfers with a thank you letter detailing the receipt of your contribution.

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Join the fight to eradicate homelessness

Because of people like you, every mom will have the opportunity to provide the life her children deserve.

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