Our program works!

AT HEARTH, we provide our families with the tools they need to thrive; emotionally, mentally and financially.

Sometimes hard work is just not enough. We all need someone to help us transition from surviving to thriving.  HEARTH specializes in providing the help you need to be the best for your family.


Here at HEARTH, we know how hard it is to be a parent because most of us have young children.

We’ve been providing housing for families in need for over 26 years and want to do the same for you.

Early Head Start Program

As a parent, we know it’s hard to focus on employment or your education when your children are not in a safe environment.

Here at HEARTH we offer an Early Head Start Program for children ages 0-3. This provides peace of mind for our parents to focus on their goals.

Food & Clothing Pantries

We take the guesswork out of where your basic needs come from.

We provide 24-hour access to our food pantry. We also have a clothing closet that provides a range of attire from work-friendly to kids’ clothing.

Case Management & Counseling Services

Believe it or not, some of us have been in your shoes – You are not alone.

Our team here at HEARTH is committed to helping you have the resources you need to not only meet your needs but be the super parent that your kids see in you.

Helping your family stay safe starts here.

Program criteria: 

  • A mother with guardianship of one to four children (inclusive of those who identify as a woman with guardianship of one to four children).
  • Experiencing homelessness or imminent housing insecurity due to domestic violence or trauma.
  • Possession of legal documents for self and children for whom you have guardianship and ability to provide copies upon acceptance into the program.
  • Ability to provide proof of income and meet income requirements.
  • Must be willing to work full-time, attend an education program full-time that is reasonably expected to increase your income by the time you graduate from HEARTH or a combination of both to equal full-time.
  • 180 days of sobriety and willing to continue sobriety while at HEARTH. 

1) Schedule an Intake Meeting

Here we will discuss you, the needs of your family, and all the ways HEARTH can help to support you in your journey.

2) Meet with our team & take a tour

Come see all that HEARTH has to offer to provide all the support you need to begin your journey to safety, security and stability

3) Select Your Move in Date!

Let's celebrate as we plan to get you all settled in to your new home!

stories of change

Learning to be Herself

“I came to HEARTH because my children’s dad was some mental issues and it wasn’t a mentally safe environment. HEARTH taught me how to keep a job and learn to pay my own bills. Before I came to HEARTH, I always depeneded on other people…coming here I learned how to depend on myself.”



HEARTH serves as an expert resource in the field of transitiontal housing providing a variety of resources including emergency shelter, children’s program, medical and legal advocacy, and support groups.


If you are in immediate danger call 911. Here is a list of our community partners we work with to provide support.

Mental health

HEARTH works with several community partners who can assist you in achieving mental and emotional wholeness

Community Partnerships

We work with a host of community partners to strengthen our program delivery model. We are grateful to have partners who are committed to helping our families WIN!

Our Promise To You

WE PROMISE to always treat you with compassion and respect

We will take care of you and your children like family

WE PROMISE to provide you with safe place to start over

WE PROMISE to provide you with all the basic needs for you and your family.

WE PROMISE to keep you and your children at the heart of everything we do.

WE PROMISE no one in your family will ever go to bed hungry

WE PROMISE your children will smile more when you make HEARTH your home.

WE PROMISE that you and your children do not have to live in fear anymore

You Deserve Better

Start your family's journey to healing and wholeness

A child is their parent’s heart in human form, and we know you don’t want to see them to experience the pain of abuse or trauma.