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HEARTH Celebrates the Season with the Norwin Show Choir

This holiday season, we’re thanking the Norwin Show Choir of the Norwin High School for 25 years of support. Since 1998, the Norwin Show Choir has continuously supported HEARTH’s efforts in three key ways:

  • Helped fundraise for our families
  • Provided two shows/parties per year
  • Gifted us funds and items based on our needs. 

“25 years ago, the Norwin Show Choir started its partnership with the HEARTH Shelter and their mission of service to others through music. Hundreds of students, thousands of families, and tens of thousands of dollars have been raised over the past 25 years. This has become not only a project of the Norwin Show Choir but of our supportive community.”

The Norwin Show Choir

The Norwin Show Choir was founded by past director Cheryl Walter, and is now overseen by current director Bridget Faulk. Both women continue to work with the choir, as well as continue to give their time and energy in support of HEARTH’s efforts and mission.

About Their Shows

Twice a year, the Norwin Show Choir hosts a seasonal party meant to bring joy to the lives of the families of HEARTH.

Their first show of the year is in May. During this spring celebration, the group provides our families with a birthday trip to Kennywood, complete with a party and gifts for the children in attendance. 

“The Norwin Show Choir students are always so much fun, engaging, and create a really warm environment for our parents and their kiddos to get involved in singing and dancing.”

Morgan Cable, Community Engagement Coordinator at HEARTH

The second show of the year is in December. During the winter celebration, the Norwin High School students host a holiday party for the families of HEARTH. They provide gifts for each family member, as well as gift cards to help HEARTH’s families with expenses. No holiday party would be complete without Santa, and so he and Mrs. Claus are also invited to the festivities.

A Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday for 2023

This year’s holiday show was (as always) jolly, merry, and bright. It included everything we’d expect from a seasonal party, including:

  • An abundance of food and snacks
  • Beautiful gifts for our families and children
  • Santa and his Christmas Cheer
  • Opportunities to create festive crafts as a family

“It was such a great time – our families had a blast,” reflected Cable. “All of the Norwin students picked out gifts for our HEARTH kiddos that they received from ‘Santa’ and the moms received a gift and a gift card per each family member. There was song and dance, games, crafts, and Santa time for each family!”
The Norwin Show Choir students’ work and support of HEARTH continues, as they now manage and oversee the “Expressions in Harmony Foundation.” The foundation was created as an expansion of the Norwin Show Choir to further fundraise for HEARTH and other local community organizations. We are grateful for their tireless and continuous support of HEARTH’s mission, and we thank them for all they have done for our families and will continue to do.

Hats Off to HEARTH 2023

On October 26th, 175 friends of HEARTH donned their best hats to celebrate and support our mission of providing a safe place for mothers and

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