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National Grocery Prices Are Up Over 12% From Last Year; Locally, the Increase is Even Higher

While U.S. inflation has risen 9% in the past year, consumers are seeing an even bigger upswing in costs at the grocery store. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently compared local grocery prices in June 2022 with those from June 2021 and found that overall, grocery bills are 18% higher than in 2021, but some items—like eggs and chicken, dairy, and cereal—have risen more than 30% from just a year ago. Not only are families needing to sharply economize, many are adding second jobs to cover the higher costs.

HEARTH families always have access to our food and clothing pantries, outfitted with resident-specific needs and sizes. In addition to pantry staples and refrigerated items, HEARTH also
provides personal care and toiletries, including diapers and shampoo. Participants at HEARTH work tirelessly on job preparedness, education, securing permanent affordable housing, and caring for their children. Rising food costs are just one of the many hardships our parents are working to rise above. At HEARTH, we will always provide that extra hand to help them reach their goals.

Source: “How much have grocery prices gone up? Local shopping trip is an eye-opener.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/8/22, Patricia Sabatini.