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Gratitude Takes Practice

How Do You Practice Gratitude?

Practicing gratitude can be a game-changer: it has far-reaching effects, from improving our mental health to boosting relationships with others. 
Living your life with gratitude helps you notice the little wins—like the bus showing up right on time, a stranger holding the door for you, or the sun shining through your window when you wake up in the morning. Each of these small moments creates a web of well-being that, over time, strengthens your ability to notice the good. Building your capacity for gratitude isn’t difficult. It just takes practice. The more you can bring your attention to that which you feel grateful for, the more you’ll notice moments to feel grateful for!

1. Start by observing. Notice the “thank yous” you say. Just how much of a habitual response is it? Is it a hasty aside, an afterthought? How are you feeling when you express thanks in small transactions? Stressed, uptight, a little absent-minded? Do a quick scan of your body—are you already physically moving on to your next interaction?
2. Pick one interaction a day. When your instinct to say “thanks” arises, stop for a moment and take note. Can you name what you feel grateful for, even beyond the gesture that’s been extended? Then say thank you.

As we begin another year that is still tainted by a global pandemic, our team couldn’t think of a better word than GRATITUDE to color our year. 

We spent last year on a journey with the word, Resilient. There are so many examples of how our board, staff, volunteers, and residents thrived in that space.

While we don’t look at our annual theme as a challenge; we all agreed that focusing on gratitude—in the mindset of remaining resilient—builds strength as challenges come our way (insert deep exhale). 

And 2021 gave us a great deal to be grateful for, such as mothers and their children finding safety and security at HEARTH. Since April of 2021, we have maintained a 90% occupancy rate and continue to manage a waitlist for our facility.

Dollars and in-kind labor throughout the year provided a facelift to our facilities. PPG selected us as their “Colorful Communities” project of 2021, and Comcast allowed us to repurpose our 3rd-floor conference room and refresh our computer lab space.

We are excited to share these reimagined spaces with you and our families. 2022 presents many more opportunities for us to show and prove gratitude. We’re glad you’re along for the ride. Buckle up! 

“Even in the chaos of everyday life, moments of gratitude remind us to hold on to the good things.”

Stay safe and optimistic,
Marisa C. Williams

Join Us Friday, April 1st at Nova Place

Hops For Hearth combines craft beer And change to make a difference. Started in 2010 by HEARTH’s Young Professionals Board, this annual fundraiser combines craft beer and change to make a difference for Pittsburgh families.

The craft beer world is known for its generous community-minded spirit and its genuine care for our families is unsurpassed.

Our partnership with many of the local breweries and distributors is what makes our event so unique.

Stories of Change

“I was in a physically and mentally abusive relationship. Because I was a stay-at-home mom, my abuser had complete control over our finances. I desperately wanted a way out but did not have money to leave.
HEARTH was only a short distance from where I shared a home with my abuser. We would pass it several times a week. I looked them up and called several times before I actually decided to leave my situation.

While at HEARTH, I went back to school, began therapy, and entered the workforce. I prepared a new life with my children, who started to feel safe and secure in their new home.

Thanks to HEARTH, I showed them I am capable of taking care of my family on my own, and more importantly, leaving unsafe situations.”

– Jessica Brown (HEARTH Program Participant)

Become a Monthly Safe Place Partner

Donate $25 per month so that families can find a safe place to start over.

Donate $50 per month so that families can have access to basic needs.

Donate $75 per month so that families no longer have to live in fear.