Honor a Superhero This Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, celebrate the superheroes in your life by making a donation to HEARTH. Your generosity can make a real difference in the lives of survivors of domestic violence, helping them find safety, healing, and hope.

A Superhero’s Story

After enduring a seventeen-year abusive marriage, Diana unearthed her inner Superhero and discovered HEARTH. During her time at HEARTH, Diana and her children were able to forge a new path outside the confines of her previous relationship.  HEARTH became the cornerstone of their journey towards healing and independence, providing them with a nurturing environment and invaluable support. 

When asked about the impact of HEARTH on her family, her eyes light up with pride and resilience. She speaks of newfound independence and strength; “HEARTH provided us with a beautiful and safe home during my stay. I was given the tools and resources I needed to become a self-sufficient, independent woman and the best mom and person I always wanted to be.” 

Today, Diana stands tall as a working mom, balancing employment and education with unwavering determination. Her youngest son, filled with admiration and love, sees her as a mom and a Superhero – a source of inspiration and pride. With a radiant smile, he proudly declares, “My mom is my Superhero!”– a testament to the remarkable journey of healing and empowerment they have embarked on together. 

Your donation helps provide essential services to survivors like Diana and her children, including safe housing, counseling, education, and job training programs. With your support, survivors can break free from abuse and build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Support a Superhero